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Billboard Manager

The Tierra Billboard manager plugin is great for creating a quick billboard panel on your website. It can be used to present images,animations, audio and video. This is all controlled via a control panel. Each panel can be linked to any URL, thought this has to be done by hand.


Lightbox Plus

A quick and easy way to add a light box to your worpdress.




Another lightbox plugin. It applies itself to any WordPress gallery using the standard .gallery selector.




If you want to turn your worpdress installation into a shop there is no easier way to do it than with WP –ecommerce. The plugin is free but there are some premium options and you can upgrade the plugin to gold aswell.

Will write more about this plugin as I’m currently building a site with it. More on that later.


My Brand

So you want to customize the login page or remove the Wp logo and replace it with your own or that of your client. Well then this plugin is just what you need.


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