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The idea of Responsive Web Design, a term coined by Ethan Marcotte, is that a website should adapt their layout and design to fit any device that chooses to display it. This post pulls together some of the free WordPress themes with a responsive layout. Yoko WordPress Theme   Renova   Ari WordPress Theme iTheme2   The Meerkats Theme   BonPress Skeleton WordPress Theme SimpleMarket

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You can open a Dropbox account here The account is free which will give you 2 gigs of space, or you can opt for a bigger one which is paid. You can get wp Time Machine from here

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The 7 deadly sins of wordpress:

  • Hi, My name is Admin
  • Default URL
  • Comments from hell
  • Flying without backup
  • Hello Im wordpress 2.8.
  • Thou shall not speak to search engine.
  • Slow site